Christmas Party – Tuesday, December 13 at St Mary’s Church Hall 6pm-8:30pm

Christmas Party Save the date ….. Tuesday, DECEMBER 13th at St Mary’s Church Hall at 6 pm to 830 pm

Tickets will be $5 per person.

We  have planned a Fun filled GLOW party complete with glow bracelets and finger lazers.

FOOD? We will have pizza and goodie bags!

Activities include relay races in the hall (if raining) or on the grass (if nice)!

This isn’t a drop off kind of party… This is an interactive party for all kids and parents … so please sign up for helping out( or paricipate in the relays)- it will be more fun than watching

We need:

donations of Christmas cookies , cupcakes, brownies for dessert

1 person to organize water cooler and iced tea cooler

2 people to help out with handing out pizzas and food and kitchen tidying

2 people to run the relays and games

everyone for clean up at the end

Looking forward to seeing you all there- just mention Glow Party to the kids and they will want to come…:-)

I need to have numbers by Friday DECEMBER 9th to get the right amount of PIZZAS and goodie bags pls RSVP by then.  I will be available to collect the $ at the meet this weekend.




Mailboxes Unlimited Winter Age Group Championships 2011 – December 2-4, 2011

The next meet will be the Mailboxes Unlimited Winter Age Group Championships on Fri. Dec 2nd, Sat. Dec 3rd and Sun. Dec 4th.

Please note the session times for the meet as follows:

4:45 p.m. Warm up for 6:00 p.m. Start – FRIDAY

7:30 a.m.  Warm up for 9:00 a.m. Start – SATURDAY

7:30 p.m.  Warm up for 9:00 a.m. Start – SUNDAY

Entry deadline for the meet is Tuesday  NOV. 22nd

Some of the events at this meet will be swum across age groups with swimmers swimming against others based on their entry times.  However, the results will be broken down into age groups and medals will be awarded for first to third and ribbons for fourth to sixth place in each age group.

As a reminder, the entry process is as follows:

  • coaches generally select events for their swimmers
  • parents and/or swimmers must let their coach know in advance if they are not available to swim or if they have scheduling conflicts.
  • parents and/or swimmers should look at the list of scheduled events and if there are any questions, they should talk to their coach before the entries are submitted

Click here for the Meet Program

Click here for Sharks Entry List

Mailboxes Unlimited Winter Age Group Championships 2011 Results

Mailboxes Unlimited Winter Age Group Championships 2011 High Point Champions

Meet Warm-up and Competition Expectations

We have a swim meet this weekend and we want to make sure that you are as prepared as possible.  Please make sure that you pay close attention to the time that you are expected to be at the pool by your coach.  You will also see below the reminder of what is expected of Sharks at meets.

Ben’s group :  Arrive at the pool at 7:15 ready to be in the water at 7:30 after 10 minutes of stretching.  If it takes you longer to get mentally prepared then you need to arrive at the pool earlier.

Rob’s group :  Arrive at the pool at 7:45 ready to be in the water at 8:00.

Kim/Mimi/Jenny/Jenna’s Groups: Arrive at the pool for 8:15 to begin warm ups at 8:30.

Sharks in Competitions

What to wear?

Dress warmly and be prepared for everything. You can always take layers off, but if you didn’t bring enough your body is wasting energy before you race. Wear your team t-shirt, team tracksuit, team parka, shoes and socks. (Yellow and Black)Because your stuff looks like everyone else’s be sure to have your name on all tags.

In your Bag you should pack the following:

Towels, depending on weather conditions perhaps one per event, Racing suit, Racing goggles, Team cap, Extra Suit, Extra goggles, Extra team cap, Extra clothes kept dry for after the meet. Water, sports drink, and/or fruit juices, Snacks (ex. Pretzels, goldfish crackers, bagels, fruit, peanut butter, granola bars, cereal, yogurt, sandwiches), Sunscreen.

It is your responsibility

Before the meet you will receive the summons of the meet.  This will tell you the date and time of the meet and what events are available.  This is your first opportunity to check to see if your swimmer has any conflict with this meet date.  Next your child will be entered in the meet and you will receive the events that your child is entered in for the meet.  This is your opportunity to make a request for a certain event of to explain that your child may have to leave before a certain event so that change may be made.  (The entries are done by the coaches because they know best what events your child is suited for.)

Once the deadline for entries has past the club is charged for those entries.  The entries are $9 per swim which can add up quickly.  After the deadline we should only be scratching for legitimate reasons.

When you are at the meet you need to communicate with the coach.  The swimmer should speak to the coach before each event to get preparation and then speak to the coach after the race to get feedback.  Once your races are complete you are free to leave the meet.  Please check in with the coach before you leave to make sure that you are not in a relay and to confirm if you have to return for finals. It is very disappointing to the other 3 swimmers to be ready for a relay only to find that the fourth swimmer went home already.

All questions that the swimmers or parents may have concerning meet results, an officiating call, or the conduct of the meet should be handled by the Sharks Coaching staff.



Sharks Wine Event – Saturday, November 28, 2011

Come and mingle with fellow SHARKS at our wine tasting / fundraising event Saturday, November 26th!  Tickets will be on sale at the end of pool practices from John Telenko (junior practice) and Beth Harrington or Nicky Desilva ( senior practice) from  Oct. 31 to November 24th. Get your tickets early… It’s our chance to meet and mingle and get to know who’s who in the club!  ( yes, finally…adults only!)  And we get a 10% discount on the featured wines – stock up for Christmas!

Fundraising will go towards developmental  programs for juniors and seniors, overseas meets and our Olympians.  We kindly request any donations of raffle prizes.  Please contact me or Nicky Desilva with your offer and we can organize the rest from there.

Calling all Cooks and closet Chefs!!  We wanted to keep the ticket price reasonable at $45 so are accepting any offers of savoury appetizers, cheese & crackers and Hors D’Ourves to serve for the evening. Please contact me if you can help us out!!

Venue is at Goslings Wine Cellar and will start at 6:30  BE THERE!! (But…. if you can’t make it that night….buy a ticket or two anyway – it is for a good cause….)

Thanks in advance for your generosity to make this a successful event!

check the attached poster!

Best Regards,

Beth Harrington  (