Sharks Championships Results and Bermuda Nationals

Good Day – please find attached the entry form for National Championships 2013.  Please take note of some changes for this year’s championships.  The meet will be held at the new National Sports Centre Aquatics Facility from June 6-9.  Make sure you contact your coaches regarding eligibility and entry into this competition.  We look forward to seeing you at the pool next weekend.  Good luck to all!

Sharks Group Photos 2013

Session Changes

Senior Sharks Training Schedule Changes

As you know each year our schedule is altered to a later practice time to allow Aquamania to use the Warwick Pool.  In the past years many swimmers have not been able to swim consistently during this time as the later practice does not work for their study schedules.  Sharks have been working with the NSC and we have chosen to move the Monday/Wednesday/Friday seniors practices there for the months of June and July, Please see the training schedule below:



Land Training: 4:15 – 5:15pm

Swimming: 5:15 – 7:15pm


Swimming: 4:15 – 6:15pm



Swimming: 5:15 – 7:15pm

Tuesday and Thursday practices will remain at the Warwick Pool. 

Schroders Summer Age Groups Day Four Finals

The Grand Finale.  As coaches you only hope to have the opportunity to coach young people at this kind of meet where it all seems to come together at once.  Tonight was special across the board with all levels of swimmers putting on a show at the BASA pool.  First up was the 50 breaststroke which saw several very competitive finals and many swimmers lowering their times from their morning swims. The next event was the 100 backstroke where 3 records fell with 3 high quality swims.  First up was Maddy Moore in the 11 and 12 Finals where she finished first while taking the record from teammate Shannon Hassell.  Shannon’s old record was 1:09.57 and Maddy finished with a 1:09.32.  In the very next event Shannon Hassell won the 13-14 back and recaptured her record with a swim of 1:08.79.  This was one of the shortest periods for a record to be held in Bermuda.  Jesse Washington followed the girls in his 100 back by winning in a record time of 1:03.16 which took the record from former Shark Nick Thomson who swam 1:04.27 in 2006.

200 IM was the next in the pool and the races were all very fast and competitive.  Philip Hagen continues to regain his pre Carifta form as he shattered his time from the morning in winning the event.  There was little time to catch your breath before the 100 fly block began and we saw the next record fall with Emma Harvey lowering her record from the morning going 1:11.61 after her 1:12.69 in the morning heats. Jesse Thomas lowered her time from the morning in the 100 fly that won the 13- 14 girls and showed that she may be one to watch this summer. Jesse Washington was still warmed up from his back as he entered the 100 fly and swam an impressive 1:01.00 which took the record from fellow Shark Nic Patterson who had held the 1:03.49 record since 2009.

The swimmers had qualified for the 200 free on Friday night and were ready to take another crack at it tonight.  Shannon Hassell was on track to continue her record breaking weekend but after lowering her time from 2:19 she swam 2:14 in the finals and just missed the record by 2 tenths. Jesse Washington lit the pool up in his 200 free by taking the first 100 out in 57 seconds and then finishing the rest with an impressive 1:59.42.  The record that he broke was from Gerri Mewett and it was set in 1989 at 1:59.78. The 15 plus boys had a ring side seat to watch the youngster set the bar.  They gave an amazing effort in one of the better races of the meet but Philip Hagen finished first with an impressive 2:02. After the 200 breast swims were completed the final event of the meet was on the blocks and it had everyone out of their seats as the 50 free is the showcase event. Maddy Moore capped off her amazing weekend with a 26.93 that took the record that she set in the morning.  What is most impressive is that her time is faster than the 17-18 record and she has been 13 for 2 days.  Jesse Washington used whatever was left in the tank to equal his 50 free record of 24.87.  In the final event of the night was the 15+ boys in the 50 free and they swam their hearts out.  There were multiple personal best times in that race but the highlight has to go to Dejan Wellman who swam a 24.89 which gets him his first time for this summer’s CCCAN.

After all the FINA points were totaled up we had the presentation of the High point winners of the meet.  There were several swimmers with special swims in the meet and multiple records but the swimmer with the highest point total was Maddy Moore and she was definitely the swimmer of the weekend. The swimming was impressive but it is just the beginning of the main part of the season.  The next focus point will be National Championships from the 6-9th of June before the two trips to Coral Springs and Costa Rica.  Then the focus will be on home soil and the NatWest Island Games.  The season will finish with our elite seniors going to Barcelona for World Championships while our elite juniors travel to Montreal for Canadian age groups.

Schroders Summer Age Groups High Points

Schroders Summer Age Groups Sunday Finals

Schroders Summer Age Groups Day Four Prelims



Brittany Siddle and Jessica Haak at Schroders Summer Age Group Championships

Sunday morning heats for the Schroder’s Summer Age group’s continued the record breaking and fast swimming.  Personal best times started the meet in the 50 breast followed by the 100 back.  The first record fell in the 100 fly with Emma Harvey takinganother of Ashley Yearwood’s records swimming 1:12.69.  She will be out to lower that again in the finals. The 200 IM and 200 breast events followed with plenty of PB’s leading into the finals.  Maddy Moore was back at her record breaking best in the 50 free where she went 27.34 taking the record of Ashley Aitken of 27.46 from 1999 which was before she was born.

To finish off the morning there were two relay records taken by the Sharks teams.  First in the 4×50 medley 13-14 the girls team of Shannon Hassell, Paige Bruton, Jessie Thomas and Maddy Moore went 2:13.66 shaving almost 3 seconds off their own record from April.  The Boy’s 15-16 team of Philip Hagen, Ferdinand Arnold, Shannon Botelho and Jesse Washington also dropped nearly 3 seconds from their record set in April.  Tonight will be the final session of the meet and we hope to put the icing on the cake of what has been an outstanding four days of Bermuda Swimming.

Schroders Summer Age Groups Sunday Finals Timeline
Schroders Summer Age Group Sunday Prelim Results

Schroders Summer Age Groups Finals Day Three

Schroders Summer Age Groups

Schroders Summer Age Groups

This was an amazing night of swimming at the BASA pool at Saltus. Maddy Moore had some issues with her goggles in the morning heats of the 100 free but in the finals she was all about business.  In 40 years of the modern era of Bermuda swimming we had only seen 5 female swimmers break the 1:00 barrier in the 100 meter freestyle.  Tonight the just turned 13 year old joined that elite group.  The record was 1:01.14 but Maddy lowered it to 59.46.  This was a special swim and electrified the pool for the rest of the night. In the very next heat Shannon Hassell swam 1:01.13 to set her 2nd AAA time which makes her eligible for selection to this summer’s CCCAN Championships in Costa Rica.  Jayson Hassell followed his sister and hit his A time in the 100 free which makes him eligible for the  National training team.  After this we saw multiple personal bests and some fast duels between many of our top male swimmers.  One of the most impressive swim was from Dejan Wellman who came in with a personal best of 57.04 but raced to a 55.18.

The 200 backstroke was the next event up for grabs and the record breaking continued.  Finn Moseley took nearly 2 seconds off his record from the morning heats to swim a 3:32.76 on his way to win the 8 and under event. The rest of the backstroke events were strong but it was in the 50 fly where the records were taken by a trio of swimmers. Emma Harvey in the 11-12 swam 31.14 taking the record from Ashley Yearwood set in 2007.  Maddy Moore who has just started to sample butterfly swam 30.56 to take the 13-14 record from Ashley Aitken set in 1999Jesse Washington followed the girls lead with his 27.09 which beat the 28.14 set in 2001 by Darren woods.  The 50 back and 100 IM saw several close races and even more personal best swims.  The night was finally capped off when Shannon Hassell swam the 400 free where she lowered her personal best from 4:58.67 to her new 4:45.81 which took the record of Ashley Yearwood of 4:46.90 from 2008.  Tomorrow will be the last day of competition and expectations are high that more records will tumble and the new resurfaced facility will see some spectacular races.

Schroders Summer Age Group Saturday Finals Results

Schroders Summer Age Group Day Three Prelims

Under overcast skies the Schroder’s Summer age group championships continued on Saturday morning with very fast swims to reach tonight’s finals.  Charlotte Faries was able to hit her A time today that qualifies her for her invite to the National training team.

Three individual records were taken in the heats and we can hope for more tonight.  Finn Mosley lowered his own record in the 200 backstroke from 4:14.30 to 3:34.62.  Emma Harvey was back in record form shaving 4 tenths off her own record in the 100 IM going 1:14.26.  Philip Hagen continued his recorded setting ways in the IM with his 1:05.11 which lowered his own record.  We also saw the Sharks 13-14 girls relay swim the 4×50 free in record time.  Maddy Moore, D’Andra Seymore, Jessie Thomas and Shannon Hassell made up the team that took the record from 2:00.27 to their time of 1:57.43.  The Shark boys joined together in the 15-16 age group to lower their own record from 1:49.01 to 1:48.48 this team was made up of Jesse Washington, Philip Hagen, Shannon Botelho and Ferdinand Arnold.  The Harbor Quartet for the 11-12 girls with Emma Harvey, Lynsey Palmer, Alyssa Paynter and Ashley Irby took the record from a previous Harbour team setting a new time of 2:06.65 beating the previous time of 2:08.01.

Schroders SAG 2013 Saturday Heats Results

Schroders Summer Age Groups Day 2

On the second night of the Bermuda Amateur Swimming Association’s Schroder’s Summer Age Group Swimming Championships at the BASA Pool once again saw Personal Best times come fast and furious and the records continued to fall.

First up was the 50m Backstroke which saw Maddy Moore break the Girls 13-14 Record in her first swim as a 13 year old, Moore touched the wall in a time of 31.27. 

The 200 IM was next up for the 9 and 10 age group followed by the 400 IM for the 11 and Over’s. Philip Hagen has fully recovered from the broken foot that kept him out of the Carifta Swimming Championships and he dropped 7 seconds in his 400 IM to take the record from Nicholas Patterson after he clocked 5:07.73.

The 50m Butterfly heats were filled with personal best swims and most of the swimmers looked very strong. Brynn Telenko swam her first A time in the Girls 9-10 Age Group which makes her eligible for the National training team and also for this summer’s Coral Spring meet. Aaron Rego was in a tight battle with Jessie Washington and Shannon Botelho in the Boys 13 -14 Age Group and his new PB makes him eligible for Coral Springs.

Botelho clocked 29.73, Washington touched the wall in 39.97 and Rego was clocked in at 30.07.

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Awesome job from the sharks so far, keep it up!

Schroders Summer Age Groups Day One

The Bermuda Amateur Swimming Association’s Schroders Summer Age Group Championships got underway at the BASA Pool.

The first night saw some very impressive swims to start off a long weekend of racing. First up was Maddy Moore in the 50m Backstroke Time Trial, Moore was looking to set her last record in the Girls 11 and 12 Age Group as her Birthday is tomorrow and she will have to set her sights on Girls 13-14 records.

The previous Girls 11 and 12 Age Group record which Moore set herself was 32.93, but Moore shattered that with a 30.76 which is faster than the current Girls 13-14 record and 1 hundredth of a second slower than the Girls 15-16 record.

Next saw some strong swims in the 400m Freestyle events for the 10 and Under Age Group and several swimmers swam personal best times. The 800m Freestyle was next in the water and Shannon Hassell captured the lead right from the start and pushed herself throughout the race Girls 13 – 14 race.

Hassell lowered her Personal Best and broke the 800 record in the process, the previous record was held by Eleanor Gardner set back in 2005 at 10:00.59 Hassell came in at an impressive 9:49.84.

The last event for the evening was the 1,500m Freestyle that saw several swimmers lower their times in some strong distance swims.

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