Validus Bermuda Long Course Nationals

Good Day Sharks,

The National Championships will begin this Thursday at the National Sports Centre.  The Opening Ceremony will take place on Friday evening at 5:45pm and we would like all National Championships swimmers in attendance wearing your Sharks uniform with jacket and black track pants / shorts for this.

You have spent the year training hard so that you could perform at your very best for this kind of meet.  Your coaches have been working you hard and you should all be focused on personal best times and doing your very best at each event you swim.  We would like to see Yellow and Black in every final with lots of cheering and lots of fast swimming.  This weekend will be long so we must make sure that we take good care of ourselves so that we will see good times on all 4 days.  Below are some of the points to focus on so that we have a successful meet and the warm up times for each group.  See you all there in your best shape and best cheering voice.  Go Sharks Go!!!!!!!!!!

Please note, due to the Championships Saturday practice will be cancelled. 

1. Bring your own water/ sports drink ( we have to stay hydrated and it is your responsibility)

2. Bring your own food and snack (This meet will be long and you will need to eat healthy-It is your responsibility to have food and you cannot depend on the food hut)

3.  Everyone should be wearing yellow and black (if you have a Sharks jacket please wear it to the pool, make sure you have your name in it) watch the weather and bring clothes accordingly.  Make sure that you have extra goggles, caps and dry towels.

4. Arrive on time.  Your coaches give you a time to be at the pool for a reason so make sure that you are on time so that you can be properly prepared to do your best.

5. All swimmers need to see their coach for pre-race instructions before they go to the marshalling area

6. When your race is over return to your coach to get feedback on your race.  Every meet is a good chance to learn what you are doing right and what you can improve.

7. Streamline, Streamline, Streamline, Streamline

8. Attack your turns and use them as an advantage

9. You will have plenty of time to breathe when the race is over

10. Finish like a champion (touch the touchpad under the water as hard as you can)

11. Respect your competitors and congratulate them for a great race with a handshake and a job well done.  Everyone will be trying their hardest and even when you don’t succeed you must show respect for your competitors and for the meet.

12.  Have fun and support the yellow and black with loud cheering for every event

13.  We rule the pool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben & Doug’s Group need to be at the pool at the following times:

Thursday: 4:30, Friday 4:30, Saturday AM 6:45, Saturday Finals 3:45, Sunday AM 6:45, Sunday Finals 3:45

Rob & Kim’s Group need to be at the pool at the following times:

Thursday: 4:45, Friday 4:45, Saturday AM 7:15, Saturday Finals 4:15, Sunday AM 7:15, Sunday Finals 4:15