Validus National Long Course Championships

Results for the Validus National Long Course Championships are below.

Lots of video is in the video section of the site – click here

High points winners:

12&U Girls Elan Daley Sharks

12&U Boys Keagan Woolley Sharks

13&O Girls Madelyn Moore Sharks

13&O Boys Jesse Washington Sharks

Validus Long Course Championships

Best of Best Series

The Best Shipping Series of Meets were held on January 31st, February 21st and April 25th.

The overall High Points winners were as follows:


10&U Jessica Bruton Sharks

11-12 Holly Bruton Sharks

13-14 Emma Harvey Harbour

15&O Shannon Hassell Sharks



10&U Sam Williamson Sharks

11-12 Keagan Woolley Sharks

13-14 Brett Smith Harbour

15&O Jesse Washington Sharks

Schroders Spring Championships

Hi Everyone, this has been a very successful swim meet for the Sharks Swim Club.  Not only did our swimmers achieve personal best times and break records, we also managed to sweep all age groups in the Schroder’s Spring Swimming Championships!  Congratulations everyone!!
Tomorrow we would like to applaud our swimmers and coaches on that fantastic swims this weekend by having a pizza pool party at the Warwick Academy Pool from 5:15 to 6:30pm. 
This pool party is for all juniors and seniors so please make every effort to attend.  Attached you will find the total meet results along with the age group Champions. 
Nicky and Janice

Winter Age Groups – High Points

Congratulations to the High Points Champions for the Winter Age Groups held over the weekend of December 5th-7th, 2014


10&U Jessica Bruton Sharks

11-12 Skyler Powell Sharks

13-14 Maddie Moore Sharks

15&O Shannon Hassell Sharks


10&U Sam Williamson Sharks

11-12 Brett Smith Harbour

13-14 Evan Farrow Harbour

15&O Philip Hagen Sharks

2014-12-22 030

Winter Age Groups and Development Meet Report and Results

Winter Age Group Report

You will find below links to the results with time standards for the Development meet and Winter age groups that were held over the weekend [Dec 5th-7th].  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the parents that helped to make the meet successful by volunteering their time and energy at the meet.  Without the help of everyone it will be impossible to give our swimmers the opportunity to showcase their abilities.  Thank you to the coaches that executed the plan to have the team so well prepared to race fast over the weekend. Most importantly congratulations to all of our swimmers who have put in the effort so far this season to train hard at practice and race fast at the meets.  Please allow me to highlight some of the results that were achieved.

In the development meet we were able to have several swimmers reach personal best times which is always the goal when we compete.  You will note that we also have several swimmers that were disqualified in their events.  This is not a negative but an opportunity to learn.  Most swimmers that reach their ultimate goals were disqualified at some point in their career. This is the time to learn what the mistake was and then train to correct it.  I know that the junior coaches have been working hard this season to get as many of our swimmers qualified for the standard level meets. They have been successful and we have moved lots of swimmers already. At this meet Daniel Kunst made his time in the 100m freestyle while lowering his PB by 4 seconds.  Congrats to Daniel and all the swimmers that have achieved their standard level qualification this season.

In the Mailboxes Unlimited Winter age groups Sharks were able to capture 6 out of the 8 age groups.  The names will be announced once the trophies have arrived.  Please let me highlight some of the outstanding performances of the meet.

Out of 164 swims Sharks swimmers achieved 86 personal best times.  This is a great number considering that many of our senior swimmers have reached very fast times and will not always be able to lower their time in every meet.

4 out of 5

Keagan Woolley, Carys Nokes, Skyler Powell, Addy Malpas and Ashley Irby all swam 4 PBs out of 5 events.  Special note to the great swims in the 800 free on Friday night by Ashley and Skyler that saw both girls swim AA in their age groups.

5 out of 5

Brian Desmond had 5 personal best times and 4 BB times as he inches closer to getting his A time in the 11-12 age group

Aisling Harris had 5 swims and 5 personal best and the hard work that has been seen in practice from her is showing at the meet

Taylor Horan was 5 for 5 with 5 BB times. She will be qualifying for the National training team very soon if she keeps working at it.

Sam Williamson lowered his time in all 5 events and was able to hit two swims at A time.  His effort continues to show in his performances.

Gabbi Pitman was 5 for 5 in her events and stood out as one to watch

Sharks Winter Age Group Results
Development Meet 3 Results

We are proud of the performances of all the swimmers over the weekend.  We hope this leads to harder work in practice so that we can build on being even faster in 2015.


Ben Smith

Head Swimming Coach