The following individuals are the people you will see on deck at training and at meets. They put in many hours of dedicated effort for very little remuneration, so we greatly appreciated their contribution to the Club.

Head Coach – Ben Smith

Ben is a former swim captain of both the Bermuda Sharks Swim Club and Springfield College. He has been swimming since he was 10 and was a swimmer on the Bermuda National Team. He has been the Head Coach, coaching the senior/intermediate Sharks swimmers for over 10 years. He is also the Bermuda National Coach. Ben brings a great deal of experience and enthusiasm to the Club and is a positive example to our swimmers.

Senior Coach – Doug Patterson

Doug has been involved with Sharks for a number of years now and coaches the seniors.

Senior Coach – Rob DeSilva

Rob took over the coaching of the “junior seniors” in September 2006. Rob joined Sharks with several years of swim coaching experience as well as quite a few years coaching children in other sports.

Head Junior Coach – Mimi Smith

Mimi is a P.E. teacher and has taught swimming at White’s Island for many years. Mimi coached the Sharks junior swimmers for 3 years, the Seniors for 3 years and now is overseeing the Junior program.

Junior Coach – Kristina Paynter

Kristina was a competitive swimmer from the age of seven, and swam for Harbour. She was also one of the founding swimmers of the Bermuda National Squad, representing Bermuda at a number of overseas meets. Kristina began teaching swimming at age 11, and by the age of seventeen  was running her own swim lesson business in the summers. Kristina returned to the sport as a coach for a couple of years, before having her daughter. She began coaching again once Alyssa became involved in the sport, coaching first at Harbour for three years and then moving to Sharks in 2013. Kristina really enjoys coaching the Intermediate swimmers at Sharks!

Junior Coach – Kellan DeSilva


Junior Coach – Rhiannon Fox

Rhiannon was a Sharks swimmer until she went to university where she swam on the club swim team for 2 years.  She has been a swim instructor and manager of the Swimming Instinct program for over 12 years.  Rhiannon has been a Sharks Junior Coach since 2014.

Trainer and Coach – Nick Patterson


Puppies Instructor – Laura Bolton


Team Captains

The Team Captains lead the swimmers by example and show commitment by attending all Sharks practices. The Team Captains help coach when needed and help swimmers stay happy and motivated. After swim practice, the captains ensure that the deck is left tidy and all equipment is put away. In addition, they must make sure the equipment room is kept tidy by allocating jobs to individuals. The Team Captains also help with team fundraising and if time allows will hold an annual fundraiser for a charity of their choice.