Sharks Club Membership

Sharks Club Membership is open to any swimmer who can demonstrate a minimum swimming proficiency as determined by the Head Junior Coach.  New swimmers may join the club at any time provided there is room at their swimming level.  All new swimmers are charged an initiation fee of $75.00. Annual membership fees are determined each year by the Committee of Management and include both the BASA membership fee and entry fees for BASA swim meets where the swimmer is representing Sharks.

Expectations of Sharks Swimmers

  • Try hard to attend all training sessions.
  • Be early to Practice. On time will be considered late.
  • Arrive at practice prepared to swim.
  • Bring all your swim equipment to practice.
  • Bring water and drink it.
  • Give 100% effort in every practice.
  • When the coach talks, listen with your ears and not your mouth.
  • If you don’t understand then ask questions.
  • Watch out for one and another both at and away from the pool.
  • Respect and support your team mates.
  • Know your fastest times and set goals.
  • Wear your team colors and clothes to meets and practice.
  • Be proud to be a Shark!